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Make It Meta
Make It Meta is an e-magazine that will be published using the free e-mag publishing site Issuu and plans to include meta about the issues and from a variety of fandoms, as well as fan art.

What fandoms are you taking submissions from?

Right now we plan to include any thing that people are willing to write. Big or small fandom, it doesn't matter.

Can I use images in my submission?

Yes! We will gladly use the images included in your submission.

Is there a maximum or minimum word count?

Not at this time. Articles in magazines have a variety of word counts and Make it Meta will too. Shorter articles are just as good as their long counterparts.

What are the rules regarding fan art?

Keep is SFW and you should be fine. Some fan art may be resized so that it fits a magazine page. If we have any problems we will let you know.

How can I submit my article/fan art?

You can submit by either sending an email to makeitmeta@gmail.com or sending a pm to bremoisaho.

Will I be credited for my submission? If so, how will I be credited?

Of course! If you submit an article your name will appear below the title of the article. Fan art can either have this name included on the picture, or we will put it below the picture.

But what if don't want people to know this is my writing/fan art/etc?

You have the option of remaining anonymous when you send in your submission, just let us know in the email/pm and we'll put "submitted by anonymous".

If an essay is submitted, can it appear in other places?

Absolutely! The purpose of the mag is to dress things up a bit and show it to an audience that might not normally see it, like someone out side of your fandom. Posting it in other places is completely up to you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! We don't bite hard.